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limited offer-
Exploratory Call:

Connect with Lo Elizabeth, Board-certified Well-Being Coach & Mentor; CfF Founder:

  • Unsure if Coaching or Counseling/Therapy would best serve you?

  • Unsure where or how to find a professional who is freedom-loving and aligned?

  • Interested in potentially collaborating and working together?

  • Want to connect and introduce yourself?

  • Other?

Friends of The End Community Calls

Open complimentary calls to connect with like-minded individuals also curious about themes or content from The End of C@V!D - facilitated by CfF Co-leaders holding space without agenda for folks to connect. Please choose from one of the calls aka "open pre-session gatherings" where we will also be mining for feedback with an intention to co-shape our Bridge Builders group coaching & integration offering.

Upcoming dates (more TBA):
7/26 Wed 5p PST
8/1 Tues 12p PST

Bridge Builders Coaching & Integration support group sessions 
*see details below

Sign up to get on the waitlist for the next 6-week Bridge Builders Coaching & Integration  group:

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Gift of Offerings:
(inspired by TEOC series)
with love,

Bridge Builders Coaching & Integration group details (aka 'friends of The End'):

Think book club...

meets support group...

meets sacred circling...

meets private community...

with a "politically agnostic" approach...

PLUS individual Coaching sessions (*optional)!

Bridge Builders Coaching & Integration group:
*DRAFT ideas *Navigating the Inner & Outer Terrain...let's find our way together.

*Regenerate, Integrate, & Transform your Terrain
*Co-Cultivating a rich Soil for Change, Integration, & Transformation
with fellow 'Friends of the End'

Individuals interested in support around their inner awakening, cultivating their own inner resources, and integrating knowledge/education

A space that acts as a part sounding board both to ask questions and hear from others while cultivating connection and fostering transformation
This group aims to facilitate self-knowledge, skill-building, resourcing, and resilience that can support attendees beyond the events and lingering impacts of shamona.

How do we develop our own inner compass and learn to trust ourselves?

You are invited to join us in this journey of discovery...come along for a collective and collaborative experience.  Inspired by The End of C@v!d educational event, we recognize that this and other amazing things are being put out into the world right now as part of the great awakening happening -- AND there is something we feel is VERY important and want to make space for that.  We will be sourcing from varied forms of content for discussion and contemplation while co-creating a supportive space for individuals to connect, explore, process, and activate steps forward. Each session will weave in curated content via a co-creation process by all the men and women registered for the session.

Potential content sources:
-film The Great Awakening
-short video What If My Body is Brilliant
-docuseries Cult of the Medics
-The End of C@v!d educational event
- ?
-Larger whole group sessions
-Smaller group circles
-Three 1:1 individual Coaching/Mentor sessions, ~45 mins each scheduled separately with Coach (*optional add-on offering)

*limited number of participants

Session I: Wednesdays 5p PST/8p EST (launching August 2023)
Session II: Dates/Times TBD
Session III: TBA

Generosity Economy Fee
$333 rate
*minimum donation gift $77 to secure session spot

Facilitated by: (*include links)

  • Lo Elizabeth, Regenerative Well-Being Coach & Mentor; CfF Founder


  • Angela Doss, Psychotherapist & Somatic Empowerment Coach; C4F Founder


  • Eve Woods, Leadership & Empowerment Coach; CfF Co-leader

Register and contribute gift donation to join an upcoming 6-week session (space available on a first come first served basis)

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