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While I am the 'Founder' of the Coaches for Freedom Project..this initiative really found me.
Being unceremoniously Fired is the Genesis of what Sparked the CfF project...


I have been working professionally as a Holistic Health Educator, Well-being Coach, and Medical Advocate-Liaison for more than two decades, and I was at the height of my career at the end of 2021.  The c-19 injection mandates were being manipulated with coercive tactics upon healthcare workers, frontline personnel, law enforcement, airline professionals, etc - especially in California.  My full-time role had been working 8 years for the largest medical system in the state and I was in a remote leadership position as a Well-being Coach, Mentor, Trainer, & Curriculum Architect.  At the start of 2022 this medical system was enforcing the injection mandate in egregious, illegal ways, and so I stood for both my personal and professional beliefs in health and religious freedom which eventuated in going through an unlawful termination experience from the highest paying job yet in my career.

Going through this experience of discrimination, termination, and persecution was quite eye-opening, painful, and transformative to say the least.

Amidst the stress and spiritual challenge of this experience, one of the startup organizations that I had been consulting on a team with as a Mentor Coach & Facilitator separated and ended our working relationship...they knew about my "vaccine-free" status, employer discrimination, illegal termination, and stance on bodily autonomy.  I felt crushed, heartbroken, flabbergasted, and utterly dismayed.

These colleagues were mostly all professionally certified (ICF/NBHWC) Coaches, many individuals I had actually trained and mentored on the fundamental ethics of Coaching based upon autonomy, informed consent, self-determination, and agency...some close friends, and others in leadership positions.  Almost all of them did not say or do anything even with the full disclosure and knowledge around my sudden departure.  Radio silence.  It was like I just disappeared to most of these professional Coaches.

This is just the nuts and bolts of the story - there is, of course, so much more to it.

Enter in a dark night of the soul - regarding the Coaching profession, medical system, Well-being professionals, Counselors...all of it.

And no one in the Coaching/Well-being profession was talking about it publicly.  In fact, it seemed no one was even talking about it in smaller professional Well-being circles - the narrative of the medical industrial complex prevailed, even though these mandates absolutely go against everything the profession and ethics of Coaching is based upon. The incongruences and misalignment in the exploding field of Coaching were starkly illuminated and utterly mind-boggling.

So I felt compelled to start connecting people, and facilitating the sharing of stories, because I knew and know in my bones that Connection is the Antidote to all this nonsense - that to create ripples of change individuals need to connect and speak the truth of their experience.  I mean, for goodness sake, it is the backbone of the profession and core to the principles of all empowering work in the Coaching field.

Since then the vision for 'Coaches for freedom' has been coming through me...

Aside from my work as a professional Well-being Coach, I am a visionary, connector, co-creator, and community builder. Thus, here I am, one year later, on a quest to grow this community and spark critical thinking and truth seeking in the Well-being profession while beginning to build a parallel path forward to support the body, mind, spirit, & Soul of individuals...because we are going to need even more now than ever before truly aligned and congruent practitioners doing this work if we are going to continue to go through the darkness and stand in the light.

The extraordinary Dr. Christiane Northrup quoted Dannion Brinkley in a January 2023 interview, "The battle for the Soul of humanity is being fought in healthcare," which deeply resonates...and from my perspective, Coaches have a grand and unique opportunity to be amidst the frontlines of this spiritual battle.

~Lo Elizabeth

Founder, Coaches for Freedom

Well-being Coach, Mentor, Trainer, & Consultant; MA, NBC-HWC, RYT, PCC, MINT member

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Tel: 916-407-4410

Amidst the loss of my family's livelihood and while going without any steady compensation this entire year, I was moved to give forward and serve "pro-bono" to most that have reached out.  I have held the faith and been provided what I have needed. While I continue to create and allow this community, podcast, platform, network, and whatever else to seed and sprout, any and all gifts, tips, and donations are more than welcomed along the creation journey!  
~Lo, CfF Founder 
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