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Noteworthy conversations we have been interviewed on:

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Future Generations podcast with Dr. Stanton Hom
Episode 136 - Post Flex 2020: Holding Corporatocracies Accountable with Lo Elizabeth

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Coaches for Health Freedom's Jill McLaughlin (Grunewald) interviews Lo Elizabeth (live webinar recording) 3/21/23

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Supernatural Junkies: Episode 71 & 72 - Nurse Whistleblower, with Gail Macrae, Parts 1 & 2


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Health Freedom for Humanity podcast, episode: You Have Been Terminated - Sincerely, X, Alec Zeck with Gail & Lo
July 2022

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Nurses Out Loud with Nurse Michele, RN, interviews Gail - 2/4/23

Alpha News Liz Collins interviews Gail Macrae "Former Nurse Describes C-protocols as medical murder", 4/18/23

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