Sovereign Well-Beings

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~our Coach referral network & private membership community is 
Launching Soon...

Utilizing decentralized platforms to the extent possible while being mindful of using tech to support your coaching practice and not the other way around, we are launching an organic Coach referral network to support you in your work linking individuals seeking aligned Coaches while also handling some of the initial administrative aspects of building a private practice.  


The intention is to ultimately empower Coaches to more confidently choose some form of independent practice while going forward in a way that supports the craft and ethics of both their professional and personal values.

As Coaches, we thrive and grow best when receiving feedback, mentorship, training, and connecting with other fellow practitioners, and so being part of this collective will provide such a professional community supporting you to be your best self in service of the work and evolving Coaching field.


~our Podcast is also On Its Way.....

a Unique podcast vision for curious conversations and intentional exchanges based upon consent organically blanketed in coaching communication skills


  • to spark critical thinking and truth seeking in the Coaching & well-being professional landscape

  • to support practitioners to make informed choices for training programs and education options

  • to bring together and dialogue with thought leaders, Coaches, and practitioners of varied perspectives

  • to fuel a revolution of practitioners for shifting the tide and direction of well-being services