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digging into the roots of
& the Well-being field
while stoking the flames of its flight
& sparking a reimagination of its future...



Find a Coach~Counselor~Therapist

For individuals exploring support options

and prefer to work with a freedom-loving Well-being professional, i.e. Coach/Counselor/Therapist -

please reach out to our CENTER 

for our Concierge referral service &/or for educational support navigating the well-being landscape


For Coaching, Counseling, and Well-being professionals who are interested in co-creation, collaboration, and connection -

&/or joining a concierge referral network, directory, and mastermind community

with like-heart-minded colleagues


Our mission is to focus on solutions for both bridging and building a parallel path forward while fueling a revolution of Coaching, Counseling, & Well-being practitioners.

shedding light . . . upon our Creed
for health freedom & sovereignty . . . & who we are . . .

As holistic well-being professionals and wellness practitioners,  WE ARE the guardians and nurturers of each individual's autonomy, integrity, self-determination, and the right to informed consent.  As frontline well-being workers, we are at a crossroads in medical and health freedom.

We hold space for the both/and...both the sharing of stories and channeling our energy, attention, and focus into carving the paths forward - as a professional and personal practice, a way of being and orienting.

As health, wellness, & well-being Coaches/Counselors/Therapists, we can never, ever, let up on the sanctity of bodily autonomy and health freedom.  Ever.


We believe we are divinely and uniquely positioned at the frontlines of health freedom especially given the delicate nature of our professional field and landscape working with individuals in the 'psychoneurospiritual' realm.

We stand for unity.  We are a grassroots, nonpartisan, and nondenominational community.  We adhere to the professional code of ethics outlined in both the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), as well as those outlined in the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

We stand upon the foundational principles based in Self-Determination Theory
emphasizing the 3 basic human needs for well-being: Autonomy, Competence, Connection.

We are committed to uphold our professional code of ethics as a Coach, mentor, teacher, &/or supervisor of Coaches adding further importance to live with integrity embodying the belief that individuals are whole human beings and when empowered to make autonomous values-driven choices this then promotes health and wellness, thus enhancing well-being, and to honor that each person is the expert of their own life.

We are committed to preserving the sanctity and purity of the Coaching field and profession.

We are freedom-loving truth seekers often referred to as freedom keepers.  In actuality, we are freedom reinforcers.

We sincerely believe individuals have the right to choose what is best for their health and how vital autonomy is to create positive lifestyle changes in support of optimal well-being of mind, body, and spirit. 


We are holistic professionals that honor the importance of both regenerative practices as the basis for true 'well-care' and whole health perspectives rooted in terrain wisdom.
It would be unethical and incongruent to take actions in our personal life that do not adhere or align to our professional code of ethics.

"Coaches are the singular force between patient power and medical establishment.  

Singular, as in everyone should have a Health/Wellness/Well-being/Life Coach."  

~anonymous, RN (Registered Nurse), fired for standing firm in beliefs amidst the injection mandate

We are creating & cultivating 4 wings of the Coaches for Freedom initiative:

  • COMMUNITY - a platform for holistic freedom-loving and freedom-reinforcing Coaches & Well-being professionals (ie Counselors, etc.) to connect and collaborate who share a common thread based upon health freedom of body, mind, spirit, & Soul.

  • CENTER - where individuals may find, connect, or work with a Coach/practitioner utilizing grassroots old-school individualized referral methods, the Center is for individuals seeking niche and/or aligned freedom loving practitioners with Concierge support while still supporting the small business ‘Soul-preneur’ where our commitment is to transformational over transactional (*Spanish speaking services available).

  •  COLLECTIVE - for like-heart-minded Coaches & Well-being pros committed to unity, participate in a nonpartisan and freedom-reinforcing private membership society to grow skills, practice, mastermind, train, and receive support; secondary membership circle to join referral network for growing a private practice and aligned referrals. 

  • CORE/CIRCLES - ie 'the roundtable' team of co-leaders, co-creators, and sage advisors invested in service of the vision, mission, and cultivating a new paradigm of collaborative conscious leadership.

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