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The Coaches for Freedom Collective - a private unincorporated organization


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Coaches for Freedom is a private unincorporated organization that is for members only.  Our private community is for Coaches, Well-being Practitioners, and individuals looking to find a Coach/practitioner.  Our private unincorporated organization is based upon the guiding principles of Nature, Creator, the Holy Scriptures, health freedom and sovereignty.  

The Coaches for Freedom Collective shall operate as a faith based private organization, with the primary purpose of providing services to members of the organization, based upon a faith in Nature and Nature's God - divine order is all around us wherein exists the laws of Nature.

The mission of The Coaches for Freedom Collective is: 

Providing the absolute highest commitment and services to our members.

To maintain an environment for the collective to provide all manner of information, goods, services and activities consistent with the organization philosophy, which may be deemed beneficial to the organization and its members by the organization, as a private contractual matter and to conduct any manner of private contractual business, as a private contractual matter, domain as seen fit by the organization.  To allow the private organization a platform in which to conduct all manner of private contractual business with other organizations and organization members, keeping all business in the private domain and utilizing the protections guaranteed by the Constitution to conduct business in private. 

We have a fundamental spiritual belief that all human beings are spiritual beings, one in which that is connected and interconnected with Nature. We believe in the infinite wisdom of the Universe and its Creator. Coaches for Freedom consists of a multitude of ministerial initiatives that are founded on our specific faith and spiritual beliefs, mentioned above.  The CFF Center, CFF Collective, and CFF Community/Sovereign Well-Beings are the first of our ministerial projects to launch, and we are now accepting private members.  We anticipate launching our other initiatives in 2022 and beyond.

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